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Failure to do so can result in a fine of up to £5,000.There has been some confusion with owners about whether dog tags are still required since the 2016 microchipping law came into force. Below we will outline the requirements owners need to follow in more detail.

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After he failed to progress to a full-time police dog position, staff at Government House (the official residence of the governer) decided to give Gavel a job.

The dog now spends his days greeting visitors and hanging out with his friends at Government House, in the position of vice-regal dog.

In this video you can see Rivas And Dana, both duty dogs, playing.'Exactly four weeks after making this video Dana died.

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If the owner wants the dog the Kennel Attendant will arrange for a police dog handler to conduct a ‘home check’ of the potential new owners’ home address prior to the dog being handed over.

Provided the initial police checks of the owner and the home address are satisfactory then the dog can be handed to the new owner.

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