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I’ve checked out things like snowflakes (it’s easy to check out pictures online of some of these things), northern lights, galaxies, quarks, bugs (I happen to be fascinated by color, intricacy, and variety), rainbows, fractals, mysterious sliding rocks in Death Valley, Lechuguilla Crystal Caves in New Mexico and so many more of the mysteriously beautiful creatures and creations worldwide.

The more I learn about his creation, the more I fall in love with his limitless imagination and power.

I see on paper how he’s continually romanced me through the years.

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Today I had a young man message me on facebook and ask me for advice.

His question was: “What are girls who are devoted to God’s call on their life looking for in a man?

Many have discovered this only after they got married and were still lonely.

Now they’re letting you in on the secret: only by dating Jesus will you find what you’re truly searching for.

Through dating Jesus, you’ll begin to see and hear him in your life every day …

through nature, other people, his Word, and in the way he arranges the details of your life so intricately and beautifully.

That means to me that while we’re here on earth, we are in a sacred courtship with the King of kings.

We’re in the relationship-building stage, getting to know him mentally, emotionally, and spiritually, but not getting to be united with him physically … There’s nothing weird about thinking of Jesus like your greatest romantic interest, even if you’re a guy.

And there he was, waiting to capture my heart as well! Remember falling in love and yearning to know everything you could about a person and what they’ve done?


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