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Everything's Fine is The Summer Set's second full-length album, released on July 19, 2011 through Razor & Tie. We’ve had some ups and downs recently, some breakups, some general trials and tribulations.

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-Get ready to be bobbing your head to the Summer Set’s new single “Chelsea” from their upcoming debut album, Love Like This. We wrote the song and recorded a demo version of it, and then a month later we played a show in L. JSYK: Wait, you said you recorded it last year, but you’ve only been dating for seven months…Brian: Well, we actually wrote and recorded the song before me and her officially started dating. You can visit The Summer Set, who will be on tour with A Rocket to the Moon and Cartel at Check out a video of the band performing “Chelsea” that we took at Highline Ballroom in July below.

The song was released on i Tunes TODAY, which you can buy HERE. When we first wrote the song,[Chelsea and I] didn’t think we’d would work out because I’m always on tour and she’s really busy as well with what she does, so I wrote the song and we recorded it, but we never thought our relationship was actually going to work. Brian: Yeah, we pretty much started dating around Valentine’s Day. Also, Chelsea Staub chatted with JSYK recently as well.

The band signed a record deal with The Militia Group in April 2008.

The Summer Set also recorded a pop punk cover of Usher's hit song " Love in This Club" later that year.

The infectious pop/rock song is about “JONAS” star Chelsea Staub, who is dating lead singer Brian Dales. JSYK: You guys put out two EPs before you had even graduated high school. You might play shows for ten people, but just keep working at it. Brian: We’re going release the album on October 13 and we’re going out in October and November with Cartel. You can read all about what she thinks of twitter, the Disney Cruise, “JONAS” and more HERE.

The band just finished filming the music video which will feature Chelsea. Brian recently chatted with JSYK about the single and how he met Chelsea: JSYK: How long have you and Chelsea been dating and how did you meet? What would your advice be to young people who dream of being in a band? We played our first show for not that many people but you just got to keep going for it and keep practicing and never give up on it. Then we’ll probably take December off, but tour most of 2010 in support of the record. Last Call for Camden released one album entitled Keep Your Feet On the Ground before disbanding.The Summer Set self-released their first EP Love the Love You Have in November 2007.The name Brian is of Celtic origin and means; Strength and Honor.He is a very intelligent guy, who keeps his priorities straight and is extremely well rounded.Only the lucky girls will get to be in a relationship with this guy, but anyone can be his friend.

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