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That's right, Charlotte is actually Alison's cousin. D.," has kidnapped and maybe killed Hanna (Ashley Benson). I have to tell you how much I've enjoyed the time-jump and what's done for the Liars and the relationships. Did you enjoy it as well or was it a bit of an adjustment? And we're really looking forward to season seven because we did the time-jump literally, like, a Monday the girls were 18 and on Tuesday they were 22.

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PHOTOS: Check out the latest pics of Ashley Benson Ashley followed up the first few pics with more, surrounded by red and pink hearts around them both.

stars Ashley Benson and Tyler Blackburn have serious chemistry on and off screen!

"And I knew I needed to learn to be comfortable alone." Benson added that she would be open to dating again if the right person came along.

" showrunner Marlene King said with a laugh when E!

Benson was previously in a serious relationship with Justin Bieber's "swagger coach" Ryan Good.

"I've always been in relationships," Benson said in 's April 2013 issue. But relationships are scary, because once you're in one, you have to face the idea of breaking up or staying together forever," she explained.

We have very complex, interesting relationships moving forward where the girls are going to need to rise to the occasion and be adults about it for the first time.

They're not in high school anymore, they're adults and they want to handle things in the right way.

As expected, viewers went into a frenzy at the abrupt change in narrative — Hanna is now engaged to an Australian man — but Blackburn was ready for the shift.

“Obviously, I love working with Ashley [Benson], but as an actor, I love working with Troian,” Blackburn told us over the phone last week.

However, that has not stopped Ashley, 27, and Tyler, 30, of fueling rumors with PDA-filled selfies on their social media pages.


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