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Profession Jiro Wang Actor singer model, Im sorry forget his just.

Taiwanese star Ariel Lin announced on Sunday that she will not be shooting any more TV drama series in near future.

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Is ariel lin and joe cheng dating

Bill & Bess Albert Tugi Aldar Nathan & Ruby Hou Alexander Raul Alicdan Dan Allen.

than Kimi and also doesnt have any dating experience (like Liu Wen) but.

The drama was originally scheduled to be completed almost two years ago, but a traffic accident to lead actor Hu Ge has caused the long delay.

i love her since the video clip of Vic " Mke a wish" she is so cute then after watching "Love contract " i really in love wiht her she is so talent now ISWAK is the greatest love her she is so adorable reallly lighted up the real Xiang Qin ISWAK was the first drama i watched with her in it. i don`t like ariel very much, because love contract is probably the worst drama i have ever seen in my entire life (seriously)..

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When I posted a few months ago about the upcoming C-drama called Drama Go Go Go starring Ruby Lin, Jiro Wang, and Lin Geng Xin, I heard. Kashino Louise & Jiro Takisaki Christine Katayama Alan Kato Alissa Kato. Wanderer Chia-Chi Bonnie Wang George Wang Grace Wang Linda Wang.

so wait some more time and she'll release an album for sure.i loovee ariel lin. soap opera i watched was meteor garden 1 i stopped watching meteor garden 2 cuz it kinda got boring but i saw iswak episode 13 on youtube randomly one day n i got hooked she is so cute!! It's the MV for Lonely Northern Hemisphere from Love Contract sang by Ariel. Hope to see more of her great acting in the future. ISWAK is my first Taiwanese Idol drama, actually correction it's MG. | 35mm | Color | 2003DIRECTOR: Alice Yu-Ya Wang WRITER: Alice Yu-Ya Wang PRODUCER: Hsu Lin CINEMATOGRAPHER: Ming Ko Chen EDITING: Bin Wang Shen SOUND: Lan Lin Shen MUSIC: Lan Lin Shen CAST: Li Wei Chang, Duncan Chow, Ariel Lin, Alice Yu-Ya Wang How much hurt can one's faith in love withstand?

n she realli realli knows how to act like u see her in these news clips n she acts so elegant and sophisticated (btw, i heard she's realli smart too) n then u see her play clutsy in iswak.. But then after MG, I didn't really watch any other Taiwanese drama until ISWAK, now, I am obessed with it. For the past few days, I've finished DBY and love Contract. And what will one endure before summoning the courage to be vulnerable?

After his break up with model girlfriend Lillian Chen in March, JJ Lin, 30, has reportedly taken a liking to one of Taiwans most beautiful host. Related: ruby lin and jiro wang, jiro wang cute, jiro wang fabulous boys, jiro wang girlfriend, jiro wang body. No Regret (Huhwihaji anha/후회하지 않아 -2006), Hae-jeok Disco King (Hae-jeok, Discowang Doeda/해적. WGM stars six celebrities, with famous Taiwanese actress Ruby Lin paired up.


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