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I deleted and blocked this guy before i logged off. and to be honest with you, he wouldn't have even gotten that far into a conversation with me. I myself do not like 20 questions and do not being interrogated. Depending on the time of day, try the BRB (be right back)...

Yes you were right to delete and block this guy ... so do with whatever makes you feel uncomfortable and if he didn't make you feel good at the end of the conversation then it's fair is not your mum from when you were a little rebel kid ( doubting that you ever were) and you have done nothing wrong in saying that you need to go...therefor all his questions are uncalled wishes RRHI personally think you over-reacted. How are you going to get to know someone if you don't ask questions. This is another fine example of why I am for forums and email buddies only....

I found this to be more a rarity than the norm though - mostly they were messing around.

Anyway - my point is - you really don't know if he meant it seriously or if he was just fooling around with you.

intimidate - means to make frightened, to force into or stop from action by using fear. Interrogate - means to ask a series of questions in a close or formal way. I've found that sometimes people just f**k with you - they're joking and teasing which is not exactly a wise thing to do initially because it does lend to misunderstandings.

Systematicquestioning, sometimes with the use of Threats and Force.. Try and tell the prisoners of war that interrogation does not use fear tactics.. I've been in the same situation you describe in your post (julietjuliet) - not only once but several times.

Intimidate - means to make frightened, to force into or stop from action by using fear. Once I got the hang of chat, I decided to experiment a little with various tecniques of my own. " which got a e-chuckle and a e-laugh and a confession that he was just messing with me.

I discovered the guy was just egging me on and wanted to see how far I'd go with answering to his (stupid) questions.

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Sometimes, even on chat, we don't have time for nonsense and bullshit!

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