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Despite this, when the day finally arrived Shirley was filled with nerves and apprehension. we both felt that we were in love with each other just from our emails, but realised it could all be shattered if we didn't feel the same way when we met.’ As it turns out, there was nothing to be concerned about.

‘It was a little strange at first, but as soon as we started chatting, it was obvious that we really liked each other.

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He had brought me a beautiful bouquet of flowers and ordered champagne for our first meeting!

We then spent the week going away for days all over Scotland… Our feelings just kept getting stronger each day we met up.’ Malcolm seemed to be taken with Shirley from the get go, describing her as ‘the most warm-hearted , wonderful & gorgeous young lady that I could ever have imagined existed’.

The really good stories are usually about the dates that go horribly wrong.

As Aziz Ansari says in one of his Netflix stand-up specials, couples’ origin stories are now as complex as searching “Jewish” and your Zip code on At the same time, interesting origin stories are having a moment everywhere else.

“His pictures showed him skiing, him on vacation, always clothed and doing something active,” she says.

“I thought, ‘This must be an OK person,’ especially when everyone else was so creepy.

The day Shirley made contact with Malcolm he was at Manchester airport waiting for a flight to Cyprus, where he spends the majority of his time when he’s not working.

He promised that if she was patient, they would meet up when he returned to England.

It’s not enough for a restaurant to have primo prime rib; it’s got to have a killer backstory that explains the struggles its owners faced and the exact farms from which they sourced their products.


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