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Typically, multiple symptoms need to occur simultaneously to indicate a sex addiction and cause significant distress to you and disruption to your life.

The addicted person continues to engage in the behaviors even in light of consequences that may include: An important step to take initially in working with sexual addiction is a careful screening, which ensures that the sexualized behaviors are not caused by other disorders, such as Alzheimer’s, or from taking certain types of drugs.

The organization notes that in addiction, the neurotransmitters and structure of the brain play an integral role and are affected by the addiction.

The behaviors of those with a sex addiction often lead to problems in their primary relationships too.

When partners discover the affairs and deceit, they naturally feel anger at the betrayal of trust.

Presently, ASAM does consider sex to be a real addiction for some people.

(DSM-5), however, does not include a category of diagnosis for sexual addiction.

It is common for a person to have multiple paraphilic disorders.

The DSM-5 includes 8 major types of paraphilic disorders, including: There are other definitions of sex addiction based on high levels of sexual activity, including hypersexual disorder (a high-volume sexual disorder).

Compulsive masturbation, compulsive pornography use, and multiple affairs are a few types of behaviors that evidence this lack of control.

Keep in mind that one sign or symptom on its own does not equal proof that a person necessarily has a sex addiction.

Many people casually use porn with no negative repercussions.


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