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Snowflake Dating Application is a location-based matchmaker that asks you to provide information about where you ride, what your ability level is, what your focus is (i.e. From that article https:// I understood that that my every move will be shown and developers and users.. This is the fourth installment of our 9-part TGR Ski & Snowboard Training Camp, which will get in you killer shape to crush the slopes this winter with minimal equipment and gym experience.

Apparently someone else was too–and created a smartphone dating app for shred-focused people like yourself. But you can help it happen sooner by contributing to the Snowflake Kickstarter campaign. :) It’s cool, but is it save to use location-based technologies? Crystal Wright here from Wright Training here in Jackson Hole.

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[image via Mikael Miettinen on flickr] Ready for conscious, like-minded individuals you really want to meet?

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He might own the mountain or he has connections with the owner. Do what you want with that information but be prepared to become… She knows she’s hot and she takes pleasure in watching you stare as she expertly carves down whatever slope will make her hair swing back and forth in perfect rhythm. Her boyfriend spent money to outfit her with everything she needs to be a snowboarder (just like him). They wear a helmet because they are cautious and aware of the risks they choose to take.

He probably has hair plugs under the fur hat and gold rings under the battery operated, heated gloves he’s wearing. What he forgot is that she’s never done it before and $900 in gear won’t help her learn any faster. They wear clothing that makes a small fashion statement, but mostly does it’s job of keeping them warm while they spend the day shredding before heading to the local or slope bar for a craft brew.

On the surface, Whistler-based Mason Mashon lives a charmed life.

If you follow his adventures from the peripheral world of Instagram the 32-year old who refuses to be defined by any one term—mountain biker snowboarder photographer artist TV host—appears to always be at the centre of something radical.

Before you get too excited, know now that this app is in development.

Today we'll be focusing on the Foam Roller Hamstring Hell circuit, which utilizes the foam roller many of you might have at home to really whip your hammies into shape for the upcoming season.

Skiing, Snowboarding, Ski Jumps, whatever your passions are, Snowboarder Friends date is the ultimate dating site for Snowboarders.

Best of all, you never pay a dime at the Snowboarder Dating Site because it is totally and completely free.

This chick is at the mountain (probably with a minimum of 2-6 single friends) because they are, “so, like spontaneous and adventurous…omg so awkward lol.” This girl spent hours picking out jeans that look suctioned to her body yet athletic, straightening her hair, putting her new Neff hat at a jaunty angle and applying just the right amount of lip gloss that whispers, “kiss me, I’m cold.” She is in no way interested in learning how to ski or snowboard. If this dude walks up to you and says, “hey snow bun, you got a nice set of bunny slopes coming down the back of your body,” he’s flirting.


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