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The options were decent, and I look forward to discovering the ones I missed. Great to get a new game but agree with some of the others here that something with more depth (ie: keely) or the original LOP2 would be even better!!! Liked the story, but there could have been more depth. It took a few plays to finally start figuring things out, after that it got a lot easier. Ending 2: Acquire 2 pieces of evidence, then go to Mrs Adams house and blackmail her. Evening: Visit bar, buy Mrs Adams a drink and ask about her affairs. Night: Visit bar, join Mrs Adams and Jerry and pay 0 for a full bottle. End of the week: Turn in evidence for ending 4, or don"t for ending 5.

also preferd when the endings came as a seperate thing.

i know this unrelated but anyone having probs with kelly after she givs BJ you click the button and it just repeats untill you go to a white screen when ur in the ally?

Is it possible to fuck the girl from the sport center?

i know u can get a lesbian scene with her but is it possible to fuck her?

MAXIMIZE YOUR 7 DAYS: If you like to explore the game on your own, you can skip the rest of this.

It still depends on how generous to you the game will be with money early on, but this path *typically* will give you the most action ...

I would suggest that it is made to be more obvious what time of day you are on when at the map but... Nice girls and nice story, but animation is not so good (during sex, only one speed). day: Park - Gym-Park- Bar (first Lesbian Szene,blond girl); day 3: Gym-Park-Gym-Bar (Redhead girl 1); day4: House (Lesbian sex szene) - Park-Gym-Bar (Redhead girl 2); day 5: Park-Park-Gym-Bar (Redhead girl 3); day 6: Hotel (hotel manager-only fingerfucking ? Afte having played several other Lo P games, this one feels small and lacking in personality.

It is possible to get all sex encounter in one row: 1. )-Sex Shop- Bar- Bar (second Lesbian Szene,blond girl, with dildo), day 7: House (Blowjob Mrs. I`d almost have to guess it is an older title, sort of a stepping stone. If I`m lucky the map turns up the first time so I can, for example, visit the hotel but after I leave the hotel (or whatever I chose) all I get is the black screen with that white "pulsating" loading thingy.

It was a little frustrating at first to have so few "days" to solve it. The quality of the graphics is sensational, each women is fabulously erotic, and there are more sex scenes than probably a dozen other games. other than that, spot on, hot girls, hot sex, hot game :) Great looking game.

I thought that Jack`s sexual dialogue was unnecessarily crude, but this is only a minor issue for me. For some reason, the dialogue options are stacked one above the other, so that I can`t read the second choice. I appreciate the deep story and multiple dialogue options, but... After 10 attempts, I`ve yet to make it past day three because it`s never long before a scene simply fails to load after selecting a dialogue option.

You need the special card which can be found in the park. I always run out of money and have to go to the park, which wastes crucial time.) Please help me. It took me three attempts to find a decent ending and get some action so it`s not overly easy, plenty of options so not as repetitive as some of the other games either. Like having sex with the redhead at the bar takes 3 visits. Edwards you have to do that, so that`s basically 4 days it takes. It took me three attempts to find a decent ending and get some action so it`s not overly easy, plenty of options so not as repetitive as some of the other games either. overall a great game.adams is sooo sooo hott and so are the other girls. Friday, Night: Visit bar, talk to girl in the corner.


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