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My car would just end up sitting in the garage the whole time.

So after my last final I took the first flight to my grandma's and then took a taxi to her house.

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"I'd love to, I'll make us some snacks the prices for concessions at the game are outrageous." She said as she ran back to the kitchen.

After a few minutes my grandma returned with a giant picnic basket full of sandwiches, chips and drinks.

She live closer to my college town then any other family and my parents were on holiday in Europe anyways.

My grandmother lived in a very small town so I didn't see any sense in driving down.

When I arrived I noticed that my grandma didn't have a car either.

I remember hearing my parents say that most people in the town just use bikes to get around.We all like these mature cougar women to have webcam sex with.Come back on a regular base because we are adding old riped mature housewifes on a daily base.I opened the door for her as we made our way outside. "Nana, That basket is to big you'll tire yourself out carrying it the whole way.Let me carry it for you." She looked back at me with a sweet smile."Oh sweet heart were going to take the bikes it's faster." She finished talking and then moved to a medium size shed at the other end of the complex. Inside were two heavily customized bikes that my grandma and grandpa had use to travel around town.


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