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Interior Design for i Pad by Black Mana Studios is the #1 best-selling lifestyle app in the US, UK, Canada and 14 other countries!

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With little to no learning curve, you could be designing your new interior in as little as 5 minutes.

Go from drawing your floor plans in 2D to walking through them in vivid, stunning 3D.

You can change the height of the camera to explore every angle in your layout. * Over 50 real wooden floors - While other Interior Design apps will only let you add fake, computerized wood textures, Interior Design for i Pad has over 50 wooden floors that are a meticulous photograph of the exact type of wood floor they portray.

Not only can you see how your floors will really look, you can use the wood textures to create your own wooden objects or replace any existing wood texture.

Use two fingers gesture to raise or lower them on the wall.

Lock Objects (2D, 3D)Now you can lock objects so they cannot be modified in any way.

Overlapping Objects You can place any number of windows on the same wall segment and even overlap several windows to create a new window shape.

Real-time doors and windows placement (3D)Place a door or a window on a wall and you can now move them around to any wall with one finger.

---Note - for a more professional interior design app, please check out our other app, Tap Glance.

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