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It highlights different relationships of people of the same sex and the different challenges they face on a daily basis, ranging from public scrutiny to legal actions taken against them by some African governments.

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In 2014, The ban of this particular video has left some people wondering why Western music videos on Kenyan radio and television stations talking about gay issues and relationships and other issues considered “un-African” are not banned.

Speaking last year during Obama’s visit, President Uhuru Kenyatta stated that there are processes which take time and that currently it is a non-issue for Kenyans who have more pressing matters to deal with.

During February 2016, the month of love, a group of artists from Kenya known as Art Attack released a music video called ‘Same Love (Remix), a remix of Macklemore and Ryan Lewis’s Same Love.

The video symbolizes a call for Africans to eradicate homophobia.

Facebook Messenger allows group calls already, but the same functionality could prove much more popular on Whats App, as the quality of calls made through it tends to be much better.

However, it could also prove extremely annoying, especially if you're busy while other people in the group chat are free, bored and looking to cause mischief.

In an article titled ‘Ban On Sexy Music Video Raises Gay Rights Campaign Profile in Kenya,’ Anthony Langat describes some scenes in the video: (The video)…shows a well-toned young man, naked apart from his underpants, leaning over his tattooed male lover in bed.

Two pretty young women exchange kisses on a park bench, one putting a ring on the other's wedding finger, as the vocalist sings: “I can't change, even if I tried, even if I wanted to.” The Kenya Film Classification Board has banned the video arguing that “it does not adhere to the morals of the country.” The board unsuccessfully petitioned Google to take the video down.

WABeta Info, which has expected the move for some time, spotted a subtle reference to the upcoming features in a recent Whats App blog post.

The company announced Live Location tracking last week, demonstrating how it will work, with the aid of three graphics (shown below).

But for some Kenyans, it is considered inappropriate and immoral.

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