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Hospitals: Places: 584 Rotations: FY1/2: Linked 2013 score minimum: 71 (Confirmed) 2014 score minimum: 69.26 (Confirmed) 2015 score minimum: 70.78 (Confirmed) 2016 score minimum: 66.35 (Confirmed) Abroad?

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Possible Extra info: Hospitals: Places: 140 Rotations: FY1/2: Linked 2013 score minimum: 74 (Confirmed) 2014 score minimum: 73.41 (Confirmed) 2015 score minimum: 73.22 (Confirmed) 2016 score minimum: 71.00 (Confirmed) Abroad?

No Extra info: FY1 and 2 are done in different trusts Hospitals: Places: 315 Rotations: 6 x 4months FY1/2: Linked 2013 score minimum: 84 (Confirmed) 2014 score minimum: 82.50 (Confirmed) 2015 score minimum: 81.13 (Confirmed) 2016 score minimum: 81.64 (Confirmed) Abroad?

Hospitals: West Midlands North (was Staffordshire, now includes Black Country) Places: 111 Rotations: 6 x 4months FY1/2: FY1 allocated via FPAS, FY2 later (in any West Mids FS) 2013 score minimum: 72 (Confirmed) 2014 score minimum: 68.67 (Confirmed) 2015 score minimum: 69.22 (Confirmed) 2016 score minimum: 64.42 (Confirmed) Abroad?

Extra info: Hospitals: West Midlands South (was Coventry & Warwick, now includes Hereford and Worcestershire) Places: 96 at FY1 Rotations: 6 x 4months FY1/2: FY1 allocated via FPAS. 2013 score minimum: 77.4 (Confirmed) 2014 score minimum: 75.96 (Confirmed) 2015 score minimum: 73.30 (Confirmed) 2016 score minimum: 70.03 (Confirmed) Abroad?

4 places available in FY2 Extra info: 32 programs are available which don't involve moving trusts at any point in the 2 years.

The rest involve no more than one year in inner/outer London or teaching hospitals.

No Extra info: Hospitals: Places: 223 Rotations: 6 x 4 months FY1/2: Linked 2013 score minimum: 81 (Confirmed) 2014 score minimum: 79.59 (Confirmed) 2015 score minimum: 78.65 (Confirmed) 2016 score minimum: 78.63 (Confirmed) Abroad? At least 65% of posts involve some time at John Radcliffe Hospital Hospitals: Places: 198 Rotations: FY1/2: FY1 allocated via FPAS, FY2 later/Trust allocated only.

2013 score minimum: 75 (Confirmed) 2014 score minimum: 73.80 (Confirmed) 2015 score minimum: 72.92 (Confirmed) 2016 score minimum: 73.66 (Confirmed) Abroad?

Hospitals: Places: 311 Rotations: FY1/2: Linked 2013 score minimum: 70.2 (Confirmed) 2014 score minimum: 70.10 (Confirmed) 2015 score minimum: 70.67 (Confirmed) 2016 score minimum: 66.22 (Confirmed) Abroad?


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