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I can't describe how gr8 it feels to slide it in all the way and turn up both vibrators full speed.

Just wish I had somebody to share it with at the moment.yup, i've several plastic items fr my ass ..

Every once in awhile, if my roommates are not at home, I'll bring it out along with layers to protect me and make it actually very enjoyable. Woman C: All of the above, I'm the female "Don Jon" minus the addiction, but I prefer sex with another person. I didn't think other girls would watch porn unless their man wanted them to.

Do you use your imagination, watch porn, look at pictures, or ... Woman A: I definitely watch porn, another thing I feel guilty about because a lot of the porn industry is so fucked up, and I don't, like, pay to watch ethical porn or anything. The mental and emotional aspects make it way more interesting. Woman A: I watch a lot of lesbian porn, but I find it pretty unrealistic most of the time, which isn't very hot. I also love James Deen (like any other straight-ish girl). Woman B: If straight, I enjoy a good male authority figure role play (teacher, boss, etc). Totally a result of not really exploring my sexuality until now. I feel guilty because I know the odds of me finding something where all parties are really happy to be doing what they're doing for an anonymous audience are incredibly slim. We talk about techniques, if we use vibrators or not, how long it takes to get off (basically most of the questions this survey asked). Some of my friends still get really uncomfortable talking about it. If I had known that other girls were masturbating I wouldn't have waited as long as I did to do it myself!

I used a dildo for masterbating for the first time last year and now I just love it.

I just can't believe how hard my cock gets and how hard I cum sliding this deep into me. I have several vibrating dildos that I alternate using depending on the mood I'm in at the moment, including a double dong double vibrator 16" long that I can get in 15 and a half inches.

Get it hitting the right spots and you might even get a hands-free.

Only registered users are permitted to participate in message board discussions. Find out more about becomming a Jackin Chat member. My neighbors, who were sisters, all 1–3 years older than me, told me about it. I don't ever remember not doing it (once I realized what it was).He helped me to realize that it was totally normal (something that my Catholic mother would never have talked with me about). But then again, I haven't exactly been with a guy that I feel like being "chatty" with. Woman C: Yes, I recommend it to friends when they're having trouble, too. I even much prefer to just use my hand than have some artificial dick in me.Most of the problems my friends tell me about, in my opinion, could be improved upon by either practicing on their own or incorporating masturbation into sex with their partner. Although, now that I really like having both vaginal and clitoral stimulation, and I have much better orgasms with both, I should give the ol' vibrator a try again. I want one, then I get squeamish, then I want one, and then I actually saw the Rabbit in person at Babeland, and my whole body seized in fear. Woman A: No, I tossed it my senior year of college.Doesn't even have to be huge to feel good and make the JO orgasm more intense.


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