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Would like to exchange pictures and video with other men of any age. I am Farsideone from Cape Town in South Africa, 50 years old and still horny as hell, specially when looking at the great pics on this site. I am 52, slim and hairy body type, 72 kg, 1.80 m Hi, I am married, 35, bi-curious.

Ich bin ständig auf der Suche nach schönen Stunden zu zweit oder einfach nur zum Pic-Tausch.... I am constant in search of beautiful hours (lessons) in twos or simply to the Pic exchange Hi all...

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I like sharing photos (I wait for yours) and I prefer the younger guys (18/22 the years) beardless rather. I have posted on this site before and received a lot of good feed back, please let me know what you think of my pictures Hallo! I like Pics close ups, cum, foreskin pulling and handjobs. Ich komme aus der Nähe von Berlin und stehe absolut auf rasierte Schwänze und Rosetten. Falls jemand aus dem Berliner Raum kommt wäre auch ein Treffen möglich.

Ich bin ein neugieriger Bi-Typ aus der nähe von Hagen/Westfahlen. I am interesting in mails with pics or pics/vids trade. Email: Tom Great site with cocks from all over the world.

Makes me sooo horny ""Soooo is it really bad that amongst many other things I really enjoy watching men wank?

Makes me sooo horny " I love to watch men wank too.

Age: 50ish Email: Peter Ich heiße Harry (37/178/70) und komme aus der Nähe von Koblenz.

Mon MSN ajoutez-moi Hello, I am 36 years old, I lived in France (Nancy 54), and I like photographing in unusual places! I am into all types of guys and really like watersports, rimming, group j/o and being naked outdoors. Hello, i am 38 jears old and live in nothern germany. I want to exchange pics with men from everywhere, but I prefer dark and black men.

Email: SJGHere are some various shots of my cock semi, hard and balls. I love this site very much and it is now time to contribute. Bonjour, j'ai 36 ans, je vis en France (Nancy 54), et j'aime me prendre en photo dans des endroits insolites ! Ich stehe auf close up Bilder mit Cum und Foreskin (pulling), sowie Handjobs.

I am in all kind of sex and add various kind of pictures. J'aime partager des photos (j'attends les vôtres) et je préfère les mecs plus jeunes (18/22 ans) imberbe de préférence. But in the Summertime it´s to warm, so I can only wear Rubberboots. Like to see Outdoor Pics from you Email: Jostaph I am 36, 5' 71/2" tall, white male, I have tatts and very hairy. Email: Corpusmalus Great site with cocks from all over the world. Schaut euch die Bilder würde mich über zuschriften mit Bildern und Bilder/Video tausch freuen.

Email: Andrea Had a great time last year trading self-pics with guys from around the world, so let's do it again. I will cam with others, send pics and I'll respond. My name is lustboy hope you liked my pictures:) come from Austria am 48 years old and would love to swap pics! Send me your pics if you're in-shape, smooth and have good-looking feet and/or pissing photos of yourself! Would really like to know if there are any more raunch pigs out there who are into the same fetish and make contact! Email: Gerbent Looking for guys into serious personal pic trading. Also interested in dick(head) close ups, dick to dick and dicks with food. Write me in English, deutsch or Nederlands Email: Tristan Pi I got such a good response I thought I would send in some more. Like wearing women's clothes and pissing and dumping piss all over myself and in my beer then drinking it. Hallo, ich bin 38 Jahre alt und lebe in Norddeutschland.

Here's the latest batch of pics, looking to swap with not-so-serious guys (bonus points for uncut guys and hi-res pics, also a big fan of dark skin. Email: Scott Hello, My name is Jeannot and I am french, living in Marseille in the south of France. mein name ist lustboy hoffe euch gefallen meine bilder :) komme aus Österreich bin 48 Jahre und würde gerne Bilder tauschen ! Mail me or check out my blog (ask for my web site)! I want to exchange pics with men from everywhere, but I prefer dark and black men. If you're also into watersports (piss), send me some of your personal piss pics (only good quality!!! So I'm only looking for serious traders with high quality pics and who will trade more than once! Also I like to torture my tits and to shove things up my ass. Ich habe schon oft diese Seite besucht und möchte jetzt auch selbst Bilder zeigen.

""Soooo is it really bad that amongst many other things I really enjoy watching men wank?


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