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You can’t say that.” Because it would get back to the people. I mean, them guys get to sit down in the third quarter.! One thing I always said: You all need to take some socks, and ball them up and teach Festus [Ezeli, Warriors center] how to catch.

I was saying some stuff in the stands and she turned around to me and said, “You have to be quiet. But I think—not to say that they get bored with playing, but it’s almost like: What more can we do?

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It’s not what you can do.] In fourth grade, his brother played on fifth and sixth grade.

And once he learns how to catch, take a tennis ball and throw it at his face. Not to say that they did that, but last year, I used to be so annoyed.

“Mama Don’t Forget To Pray For Me,” Diamond Rio (1991) – In many families, Mom is the one who provides the strongest moral compass.

In this case, she gets a phone call from her adult son, looking for advice from his best-loved guidance counselor.

After he and the Warriors won the NBA Championship last season, what was your first interaction with him? That was just that moment when we were just jawing back and forth saying, “You too small! They was like, “Good luck with Draymond playing over in Europe.” I was like, “No, he’ll be in the NBA. He’ll be in the NBA.”Can the other Warriors moms hang with The Heckler? Only [former Golden State Warrior] Jeremy Tyler’s mom when I first got there. Okay.”So, with no one here to throw you out of the gym, tell me: Where can the Warriors improve? They tend to get a little sloppy with the ball at times.

So I look at it, if I’m saying I’m proud, I’m taking something away from the Creator. So I look at as one thing that makes me happy about that he has stayed true to himself. He still has his same Range Rover that he had when he first got there. You’re not fast enough.” I’ve always—I got into an argument with—when he was a senior in college—some Michigan fans at a Michigan game. Have you had confrontations with any other NBA moms? Or you the crybaby and nobody wants to be bothered with you.] And that’s why I can be in the gym. His uncle and his step dad were the coach and he was telling them: “Put me on the big team! They finished 72–10 and are now sitting around, shaking in their Js, watching as the Warriors steam roll their way through the record books.. When I got to the hotel, I called Dray and he was asleep. Me tweeting was like my way of me being at the game cause I was tweeting what I would be saying at the game. So that first year, I could do whatever and say whatever. At the center of all that is Draymond Green, a 6'7" forward/center, which he's too small for in theory, but perfect for in reality. The game before that, Steph [Curry] had said, “I can officially say that I’m tired.” I knew something then. I was like, “Oh no.” And I knew, when I saw those shots—they was 16% from 3 point? "One thing I always said: You all need to take some socks, and ball them up and teach Festus [Ezeli, Warriors center] how to catch. Because I started to tell my kids: I was the best damn nothing there ever was. And I felt like she cut me because she couldn’t coach me. Because you wasn’t going to get in they head to the point where you was the one making the decisions for them.


  1. It's gonna be Dude Central at the Gilbert house, because Elena moved out, so Matt could move in an hang out with Jeremy.

  2. If you’re like me, you probably have a few channels where you watch video content, and a ton of games that you don’t use quite as often.

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  4. She kinda’ knows this and loves driving guys – and girls who like girls – nuts with her bewitching little ass (and boobs) and flirtatious come-ons aimed at making you think you have a shot at getting into her pants.

  5. It is now “unlawful discrimination” to take the following actions against you if your record has been expunged: Persons with misdemeanor convictions are eligible to petition the court for expungement five (5) years after the date of conviction.

  6. Education: TEFL, TESOL, CTEYL, & CTBE certifications Indiana-Purdue University of Fort Wayne (IPFW) Fort Wayne, Indiana, United States B.

  7. Not that she didn’t already know but it needs to be said: I feel for Jackson and Ashley how the Robsten folks feel for Rob and Kristen. “We both have such big crushes on each other and it clearly shows. Even my mum has a crush on him and tells me, ‘You should date him’.

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