most reputable dating sites - Excel 2016 conditional formatting not updating

With a better understanding of these rules, you'll avoid unintended results.

I'm using Excel 2016 on a Windows 10 64-bit system.

Expressions can be tricky, and sometimes you'll need both expression precision This more precise expression removes the ambiguity between the two rules because they no longer overlap.

As you can see in Figure E, the rule that applies the green fill color has a higher precedence than the rule that applies the red fill color.

Both of those rules have a higher precedence over the rule that applies the blue fill color to the entire row.

As you can see, changing the precedence fixes the ambiguity between the two greater-than rules.

Changing the order clarifies what you mean—apply the green fill color when the value is greater than 100 and less than 500.

For your convenience, you can download the demonstration or file.

Conditional formatting is available in version 2000 and later, but the feature is more accommodating in the Ribbon versions.

One way to fix the current conflict is to change the order of precedence by moving the red fill color rule up.

Simply highlight the rule and click the Up button, as shown in Figure F, and then click OK.

To discern precedence, do the following: The rule at the top of the list has the highest precedence.


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