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Met while filming Green Day's video "Wake Me Up When September Ends" (2005) Split in 2006 shortly before she began dating Marilyn Manson Reconciled after Wood broke off engagement with Manson in 2010 Married Oct.

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Both men emerged as youthful prodigies, only to descend into self-parody and witless pretention.

For Aronofsky, this meant the cinematic nadir of The Fountain, a film that simultaneously demonstrates the director’s ignorance both of dramatic discourse and of philosophical.

In one scene, the stripper, Cassidy (Marisa Tomei), compares Randy to Mel Gibson’s vision of Christ.

Thankfully, the movie never follows up the imagery, even if Rourke plays a Man of Sorrows to the hilt.

She delivered another sterling performance, this time opposite Mickey Rourke as his estranged daughter in "The Wrestler" (2009), before landing the recurring role of a vampire queen for the second and third seasons of the hit show "True Blood" (HBO, 2008-14).

By the time she earned critical applause for "Mildred Pierce" (HBO, 2011), Wood was already well-established as a talented young actress who time and again impressed audiences alike with her mature and complex performances.

But as an attempt to draw parallels, it is achingly clumsy.

Given the unevenness of the main character, and the undeveloped supporting cast, The Wrestler lacks the depth of an allegory and the power of a realist drama.

Even before its British release, the hype around The Wrestler proclaimed that this was a parable of redemption.

Not so much for the titular hero – Randy The Ram remains a has-been throughout the movie – but for director Darren Aronofsky and star Mickey Rourke.

He befriends a stripper, then imagines that a few lap-dances, an uncomfortable date and a kiss imply a relationship.


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  2. Though she had multiple relationships with other women while serving time, it is rumored that Holiday maintained romantic relationships with actresses, such as Tallulah Bankhead. His most well-known romantic relationship was with one of his close friends, Lord Alfred Douglas, who would inevitably lead to Wilde’s social downfall.

  3. She moved to Fox News after she discontinued her radio program filing lawsuit against the producer for breach of contract.

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