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Since the average girl (I speak from experience) encounters this type of behavior a lot in life, it's important to not become just another one of "those guys".

If you're only asking about her, it starts feeling like an interview and kills all mood.

Try to keep it 50-50 when trying to divide talking about each other.

Have some ideas ready, instead of standing there and saying, "I don't know, it's up to you..." This type of indecisive behavior can be really unattractive.

Women are drawn to men who know how to take control and have direction. Being decisive in simple things like activities for an evening shows that you are confident in yourself.

One of the most annoying things is a guy who doesn't know how to have a conversation, and instead does nothing but talk about himself.

I can guarantee that this is the absolute fastest way to lose her interest and make her want to run for the door.Allow me to help you alleviate some of those concerns with some tips and ideas for what to do on a date.It can be frustrating for girls when you get invited out by a guy and he hasn't even made any plans for the evening.The talk has a tendency to flow more naturally in these situations, and it takes a bit of the pressure off.Then, if it seems right later on, you can suggest grabbing coffee, beers, or dinner.When you're going about trying to get to know someone, it's hard to know exactly how to act, what to talk about, and what to do.

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