Erwan heussaff and anne curtis dating

The good thing about Anne is she always share something about herself to her fans, especially her lovelife.

This Blog is for the benefit of Anne Curtis-Smith's fans who just want to know anything that's happening with her career and her personal life.

All the information are gathered from different credible resources and I just edited it to suit my style of blog.

In the process of losing weight I would still eat a massive rib-eye steak and fried eggs, no problem. So this is what I tell them: you can eat vegetables and protein, but that’s it.

I just wouldn’t eat the mashed potatoes,” he explains. “If you’re about to eat something and the ingredients in that thing do not fall within the realm of vegetables and protein, you should avoid eating it.” 4Erwan in numbers: 12: Number of hours he trains a week for triathlon, seven days a week.

That's when Anne publicly announce in SNN way back May 2010 that she is also seeing someone else, Filipino-French Model-Business man Erwan Heussaff.

I remember she said in one of her interviews that if your ex-bf already decided to move on then you should move on as well.

Whom we all know as You Tube Sensation, Marie Digby.

(It was reported last quarter of 2010, Sam and Marie decided to be better off as friends).

For me, no one can accuse her of using Erwan as her rebound guy since they were already dating way back 2009 and only decided to be exlusively dating early 2010.


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