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Users require the Manage Rooms permission to edit a room, or they must be moderators with the Moderators can edit and delete this room option enabled.To edit a room: When you delete a room, attendees lose access to the room and its associated archives.

Note: Attendees (besides the creator) must be added manually.

To add a room: Note: Attendees (besides the creator of the room) must be added manually.

The assessment tab is where they submit their assignments for grading.

If they want to, students can go to the grade book to reset an assessment and do the assignment again for a new grade. Do any of my students want to go over an assignment?

If you do not have the Online Rooms link in your navbar, you can edit the Navbar to include the Online Rooms tool.

(See Navigation for more information) Rooms are managed using the List Rooms page.

I jump back to the computer and my morning call list.

My students vary in how much one-on-one instruction they need.

They can interact with each other in the discussion board area. Camron plays travel baseball for Gatorball Academy in Gainesville, an hour’s drive away. I pack up my computer, grab my list and cell phone, and out the door we go.

Before I know it, it is time for lunch, and I can step away from my computer to enjoy some quality time with my son: eat a sandwich, go for a walk, or play a video game. For the next few hours, I make good use of my cell phone, calling my students, answering their cries for help, letting parents know how wonderfully well their child is doing.

Once a room’s end date passes, you can no longer edit that room.


  1. You need that person with you, to stop you walking out of the gym and straight into the burger joint next door.

  2. It’s only natural that after a new man or women comes into your life that you want to let them see every aspect of your world.

  3. One of my daily affirmations is "I am compassionate with myself and others" because I believe that to be in integrity I must practice on myself the things I talk about and tell others.

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