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This is a conservative cartoon regarding the recent birth control controversy.

Somebody is trying to turn this into yet another multi-point scare tactic regarding President Obama.

Here are some short advice questions and answers to get you sprung (or convince you to go back into hibernation, as it were). As your trusted adviser, I would encourage you to lead with something else.

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The abolishment of eyelash curlers (tiny eye-guillotines of awful).

Disclaimer: This collection of words is far more offensive than informative.

I'm patiently waiting for the first person to use this legislation to say straight couples can't have certain health insurance coverage, because it violates their moral idea that all people should be equal.

But, for now, here is this incredible look at what Rush has been saying, as well as some of the Republican candidates for President, regarding birth control in America.

The writers confirmed as much during a Paley Center screening of the original installment, which still had the supposedly controversial line.

Although the creative couple had to cut Ashe’s fire statement, there’s nothing else FOX wanted omitted from the entire nine-hour project.That’s good news since that means the investigator is fully allowed to be a sexual, complex women for the rest of the series without interruption.In the pilot alone, we see Ashe have an honest and no-strings-attached sexual encounter with her partner’s very fine brother Maceo (Shamier Anderson).Ashe doesn’t play games, so she flings a household item at the woman’s head as a reminder little Kai has a mother and it’s not Paula.Ashe’s ex Eli (Angel Bonanni) isn’t such a fan of her extreme tactics and takes her outside for a stern talking-to. She’s a powerhouse detective, a loving mom, and a woman who’s not afraid to throw a vase "by" someone else’s head.


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