Did frankee and eamon dating

We were tempted to include Taylor Swift’s entire back catalogue but we got far too confused by her tangled web of celebrity boyfriends. The chanting chorus will be forever lodged in his head along with her growing string of other celeb lovers who never took her records as a precautionary warning to not enter into the relationship.Warning: Never date a musician who’s as prone to whinging as yourself.

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She went to number one in both charts on Sunday night. I don't think he can.'' Many believe this to be a cynical music business publicity stunt.

Frankee said deposing her former boyfriend was the "best revenge" she could ask for. Initially, Eamon's reaction was to deny all knowledge of her existence but then he claimed he knew the record company was auditioning women for the part.

A move that will most likely end in an entire record written about Mayer by the country bumpkin who dabbles in dub-step.

Receiving a Bieber diss is very similar to having a dachshund nibbling at your heels: annoying but largely ineffective.

The Biebs nibbled at former girlfriend, (or present, now?

Someone hand me an NW) Selena Gomez, following their well-publicised break-up and his descent into DUIs and Usher-dissing. Mariah was all like, why you so obsessed with me to Eminem in 2009 following a long-feud over whether or not they dated.

Previous to Hollaback Girl, Courtney Love said in an interview “I’m not interested in being Gwen Stefani.

She’s the cheerleader, and I’m out in the smoker shed.” Gwen responded with a number one single, surely making her the winner of this feud.

Frankee, 20, is said to have been so offended by her ex's accusations that she recorded her song, released on an obscure indie label, as a means of revenge.

Using the same tune, she retaliates with a similar level of F-words, informing the world that she had "better sex all alone" and suggests that he was infected with genital lice.

When Rihanna broke-up with the singer following the incident on the eve of the 2009 Grammy’s, Brown wrote this colourful diss.

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