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You need to be accepting of this new person in their life as well.When it comes time for you to start dating again it will be easier for your child to accept if they’ve already been through all of the emotions with your ex’s new relationship.

Often times you’ll experience jealously from the fear that this new person is going to replace you in your child’s life.

Although this is completely natural, it’s uncalled for.

If your child comes home with exciting stories about how much fun he had with Dad and Kristen then share in your child’s excited.

You can show your happiness and excitement for the experiences that your child has had without being negative about who those experiences were with.

You wanted to have children, and regardless of whether or not your marriage worked out, that child has become your first priority.

You need to get past your emotions about the new partner and just be grateful that your child is happy, healthy, and cared for, by everyone in their life.Don’t make them feel bad for liking this new partner, or talk down about your ex and his new relationship to your child.You are their parent, not their friend, and they don’t need to be involved in all the adult occurrences in your life.Your child deserves to know that you love them and they are your absolute first priority.Do not let jealously and mixed feelings about your divorce impact the relationship that your child is trying to build.Don’t make things harder for your child by letting them see your anger or duress. If this new person is willing to treat your child like their own then let them.


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