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He’s working on making sure that he edits his written work, and types his final drafts without errors. I love how flexible the curriculum is and how it still allows us the freedom to do what we want and need to do throughout the week!He really doesn’t love this extra step, but it makes a huge difference in the quality of his work. Bug also has been reading Sophie’s Choice, a novel that was recommended in a previous history lesson.Since we live in the South right now, I took him to go see the Jefferson Davis home.

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Bug was a bit horrified (as he should have been) about the massacres, battles and bloodshed during the civil war.

However, I can see the change in his maturity level as well.

This chapter also discussed Native Americans during the civil war, and how poorly they were treated.

I was impressed that the teachers manual went in depth about many Native American tribes, so I could enjoy a conversation with Bug about their cultures, traditions and history.

For the next book, I am going to help him decide how much to read each week so he doesn’t get ahead of the curriculum.

This week, he worked on vocabulary words, and practiced contractions. This week, we also had time to attend art and music at our local homeschool co-op, run to therapy appointments for Doodle, play outside for hours each day, and even hit the pool one day this week.

When he was younger, I had to be more of a cruise director, and needed to walk him through each lesson, but at this point, he does most of the work on his own and just shows me what he has completed, or comes to me with questions.

It’s a pretty beautiful thing (although I really miss the days when lessons with him meant snuggling up at the table! All in all, he probably worked about 4 hours or so each day on the following activities: This week’s lesson was all about the Civil War. They suggested watching Ken Burn’s Civil War series, as well as read the text.

If you are considering Oak Meadow (or, just totally love being a fly on the wall in a homeschool home) you should *love* this post. or we realize three weeks in that we have made a horrible mistake and that expensive, shiny program just a fit for us.

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