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Dating strike a lights

Since 2010, colleges have created 1,000 new academic positions — about half of them full-time.

During Wednesday’s Question Period, NDP education critic Peggy Sattler said the province’s 24 colleges “have seen an alarming rise in precarious work,” something post-secondary minister Deb Matthews said the government recognizes is an issue.

The union’s demands “are not the basis for settlement,” said Del Missier.

But for the union, bolstering the ranks of full-time positions, instead of the more precarious contract work, is a priority, as well as giving academic staff a say in how the colleges are run by creating a governing body similar to university senates.

After suffering the traumatic loss of his youngest son to cancer, Dr.

Sol Harkens (Kevin Sorbo) loses faith and heads down a path of darkness.

While the union has warned that the college system is nearing its breaking point, the College Employer Council says 83 per cent of grads have landed jobs six months after earning their diploma, and colleges have high approval ratings from employers and students themselves.

The colleges also say their offer is comparable to that reached by OPSEU support staff.

With talks continuing but little progress made, the union representing 12,000 Ontario college faculty is now seeking a “no-board” report — which would put instructors in a strike position by the middle of October.

On Friday, the Ontario Public Service Employees Union — which represents full-time professors and those teaching a “partial-load” — said it had made the request to a conciliator to put pressure on the colleges and “trigger real negotiations.”But Sonia Del Missier, who heads the colleges’ bargaining team, said “continued threats by the union to strike are not going to help us reach a negotiated settlement.“The union repeatedly states that it wants to avoid a strike.

What Sol experiences during this time changes his outlook on life and brings him closer to his family and faith.

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