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I have changed a few things, put a few new things in and mixed it all up a little. I live in Kingston which is good because I train nearby at the University of the West Indies with Racers Track Club.Read more » People come to Las Vegas for a lot of lusty reasons.

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We all know the negative effects of over-exposure to tourism.

Too many places were once a heaven to find GFE experiences and later they turned sour to hardcore pros and pimps like Rio and Phuket.

The term barfine is mostly used in in Thailand, Philippines and Vietnam.

It compensates a bar for lost revenue occured during a workers shift in her absense.

I spend most of my time in there, playing Call of Duty.

I used to live with my friend NJ [Nugent Walker Junior – Bolt’s best friend since primary school and now his executive manager] but we live apart now.

My dream house will have everything – and I mean everything.

I wanted a basketball court but I have been thinking maybe half a basketball court is better because my friends don’t want to run around so much.

Check out Ladies of the Night album for a collection of historic photos of the last 100 years.

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