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It was evidently locked from the outside, for he could not rattle it. Night had fallen, and a myriad of twinkling stars looked down at him from a clear sky. Grandon realized that at once; and his curiosity, added to the feeling of confidence in these men's intentions toward him that the note had imparted, washed away any resentment he might feel at their methods.Not a tree, house, or earthly object of any kind was visible. He clasped the doctor's muscular hand and muttered an acknowledgment.He has never regretted his choice." "Then", went on Grandon, "you got in touch with a Venusian named Vorn Vangal, who is a contemporary of Lal Vak and Borgen Takkor. I sent Jerry to Mars that way, and hoped that I'd be able to send someone to Venus the same way.

Grandon waited a moment or two, but there was nothing more. No one fitting the description he'd received was in sight. He was reaching for his case when a pleasant voice at his right said, "Try one of mine, won't you? "I suppose so—ah—why, yes, of course..." Grandon was beginning to feel unaccountably drowsy. It immediately swung across and drew up to the curb. "I'm used to this —a spin on Michigan Boulevard will revive him. His doctor has told me how to handle him." They lifted Grandon into the car and the driver put the top down.

" Grandon turned and looked into the smiling eyes of a man about his own age. Suddenly he slumped forward, and would have fallen on his face, but for the quick assistance of the friendly young man. The young man handed a crisp bill to the attendant and got into the car, which drove away.

When Grandon regained consciousness he was lying on a cot in a dimly lighted room.

He looked about him in bewilderment as he saw four bare concrete walls, a heavy oak door studded with many large bolts, and a small window fitted with powerful iron bars more than an inch in diameter.

Now, Robert and Vincent Grandon would prepare for the position that. It would be a good career for both young men; for while only one could step into Arthur Grandon's shoes, the second spot would be no less desirable. To Grandon's astonishment, he saw a sketch of himself staring him in the face. Came down this morning to see about tickets, and decided that I'd come tonight alone, when I found that there was a good seat available... Maybe you are the one." Grandon picked up the paper. " There was no caption under the sketch; beneath it, the text said: "I do not know your name, or anything about you, except that you are in the city.

Very likely, with full effort, he could make the top—but his cousin had the extra measure of devotion to the business that Robert Grandon simply couldn't bring. Don't know why, now that I think of it." Louis' face wore a strange smile. I want to perform an experiment, and you may be the man I need. "You will feel an urge to go to a certain place tonight which you may or may not have been planning to go to, and you will want to get there around 8 p.m.

The struggle there had seemed important, worth risking his neck for; but he'd seen, much earlier than some others, that the new regime was just a change of masters.

He'd gotten out while getting out was easy and returned to take up the career in, insurance administration that his uncle wanted him to take —the uncle who had paid his college expenses. " Louis went back and bent down, to return with the Times, folded to a certain page, and placed it on the bar before him. " Grandon looked up with a puzzled expression on his face. I was going to ask a friend to come with me next Friday night.

Robert Ellsmore Grandon stifled a yawn with difficulty as the curtain went down on the first act of Don Giovanni and wondered what was the matter.

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