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It all began with a DREAM when Globe Telecom partnered with The Walt Disney Company Southeast Asia to host and produce Disney Princess: I Dare To Dream.

Read story here --- Disney Princess: I Dare To Dream Web Series Launch.

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The show was very engaging and the production was excellently executed that would make one think he/she is transported to Disneyland, no kidding. While almost everyone was shouting their favorite finalist, Ms. Some of the girls shed happy tears on stage because what happened was really, really unexpected. :) And speaking of a happy night, prior to the concert, Viva Manilena partnered with Globe Telecom and the Philippine Bloggers Network (PBNet) and hosted a raffle for Viva Manilena's readers.

Lea Salonga mentioned each of the six finalists name and guess what? And not only that, all of them will travel together to Tokyo for the premier of Beauty and The Beast. Five lucky winners were chosen and each of them can bring a friend to watch the Disney Princess: I Dare To Dream concert.

The first episode which began last February 25 was followed by eight more web episodes and it highlighted a different Disney Princess that compliments the talent of a particular finalist every episode.


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