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They'd really have to be creative in their writing, they couldn't take 3-4 months to solve one issue. I would like to ask all of you to NOT skip to the ending but stick around or you won't understand why something happened at the end. It is becoming absolutely monotonous with ever lasting backstabbing where the characters are shown as being stupid and ridiculous. Also, the crying, chest pounding and fevers are simply ridiculous.

I'd love to see that, a long-running Korean drama (i.e. Anyways, so back to what I was saying, it does get tiresome with the sudden headaches, fainting spells, crying fits, instant fevers over something upseting (i.e. If you really are thinking about the hard work those people are doing for this drama, then I know you will support them and leave it be. Geez, could someone make her shut up already..for Hajoon and Bytna, wth, stop acting stupid... I am beginning to enjoy shows where there is limited amount of family issues.

I most definitely want to see Tae-Ri' ass get the ax...



This is a low point for the writers, cause we all know Cherri is going to regain her eyesight after Hajoon marries her, then there is no going back or it will be hard as hell to go back.

Bytna, girl I am so incredibly sorry that the writers have your fate going down such a disasterous path, cause from the looks of it Sangwook is gonna throw his hate back in the ring to stand by your side...which is also another low point because if these two get married, it's only going to hurt Sangwook because Bytna's heart is not with him and never will be...couples will only be going through the motions.

May I remind you that you did the same exact thing? She is determined to drive Taeri out and I support her. @Julie, we all understand that, but it does get a bit [email protected], I also agree with you but I for some reason can't stop watching....everyday it's like train wreck de ja vu, I've got to go home and tune in at p.m.

The thing that was a bit different was that Hajoon was more determined. Bytna - Okay, she always thinks of others than herself. She kept picking Sangwook for others, and that made me mad. He didn't know his mother was the killer of her dad. But she is also throwing away her image and life by doing that. why does he have to go and cheat on Bytna with Emma, the scammer. I also think that maybe because they have an Entertainment and Culture Ministry or some little government division that oversees entertainment, writers are limited to the things they can write about that will actually get produced by television Networks over there.But at the end, she chose Hajoon, so finally I can sit back and relax. Taeri - Go in jail and everybody except you will be happy. I am saying it to the fictional character.) Taeshik and his mom - Goodness. Taeyoung - I really hope her and Sangwook work out, even if he likes Bytna. Television in America is different, they put all kinds of things on television, every season they premiere a different show and if it's good then it continues.... It should be interesting with different and shocking changes of plans.But a couple of episodes earlier, I was like, "Poor girl, she is born into an evil family," Emma and her lawyer boyfriend guy - :( Hajoon and Kijoon's father - You are kinda like Taeshik when you meet your ex wife. o.o Did anyone notice that Kijoon is the one who started it all, making Hajoon going on that blind date with Cherri?? South Korea they only run a drama for 3-4 months..would it be like it they had the same drama running for like 10 seasons with is 10 years???? We all know that in the end with be a happy ending. It is unbelievable that a large amount of the Korean dramas carry the same theme which I believe will hurt their industry.Girl, do yourself a huge favor and tell your husband.....WRITERS WHAT IT IS ABOUT KOREAN SOCIETY THAT YOU ARE TELLING THE REST OF THE WORLD...SIDENOTE: WRITERS I THINK KIJOON IS A REALLY SWEET GUY, SO COULD YOU FIND A WAY FOR HIM AND YOON-NA TO BE TOGETHER....


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