Dating is warfare

There’s a thin line between dating and relationships and it’s curved awfully lot like a question mark.

dating seperated or going through divorce - Dating is warfare

I was so busy writing that I hardly had time to ruminate about the fact that both Wine Guy and I were going to have to sit there and have our faces read in front of everyone, Yentas and all. Then she started saying something about how the most compatible couples have a 70/30 match of facial features (70% similar, 30% dissimilar) and that Wine Guy's and my facial features totally line up. If only I wasn't dizzy with embarrassment while I was hearing it.

I could tell that Wine Guy was excited about doing it, being a trained astrologer and all. The rest of what she said about Wine Guy is also a blur (I have to consult the notes I was able to scribble down for him) but I know her comments were accurate and that she thought he had an interesting face (handsome, if I do say so myself).

Well ladies, time to flip the game a little and catch ‘em by surprise.

So many of you have self esteem issues that I sometimes wonder how you manage to walk straight without toppling over! If she’s as gorgeous, smart and engaging as you say she is, she’s probably spoilt for choice and she picked YOU to go dancing with. Not her ex, not your best friend and definitely not the random at the edge of the bar you insist on being jealous of. Meet interesting and like minded verified singles in your city on India’s best dating and matchmaking app.

All of this so the warm-eyed woman can stare at them for a few minutes and read their face. That's what my mom wanted to do for her 70th birthday party.

And when you make it to 70 (and look as good as my mom does once you get there), you get what you want.

Yes, they all know that I am ready to get married and that I've had marital mishaps in my past -- but I just don't see why everyone feels they are perfectly justified in shouting out their opinions about my personal relationship.

Especially during a moment that's supposed to reveal some insights into me - not just my relationship.

Next to my mom is an empty chair and next to the empty chair is a woman with a warm eyes and a stack of books to sell.

Every 5-8 minutes, someone from the circle gets up, walks across the the circle and sits down in the empty chair.

She looked at me deeply for a moment and then, very kindly, looked up towards Wine Guy across the circle and said firmly and with utter confidence, "OK. I believe I even turned around and literally put my hand over my mom's mouth at one point.

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