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These are even more insidious than the We Chat scams since in many cases the hapless victims really do think they’re in a relationship with the scammer.Obviously, they’re also purportedly handsome and rich.

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The scammers then ask to borrow a large sum of cash, just like the Nigerian princes who need help withdrawing their millions.

Some ask their victims to participate in bogus investments.

The amount of money people lose in these scams makes the We Chat scammers look like amateurs.

Some people have reportedly lost tens of thousands and one woman even claims to have lost $250,000, according to the National Crime Prevention Council’s Scam Alert website. Nude video extortion scam This rather steamy scam usually involves men being sent messages by attractive young women on social networking sites.

It’s thus sadly ironic that more and more people here are losing money through love-related scams.

Here are four types of scams hot-blooded Singaporeans need to be wary of. We Chat hooker scam Users of We Chat, China’s answer to Whats App, should know of the “find friends” function.Basically, the device supplies you with a list of random strangers in the vicinity, all of whom are also looking for connections.You’re then free to send messages to whomever you fancy based on their photos—and as expected, “whomever you fancy” usually means nubile young XMMs.Usually this story ends with the victim being put in touch with a threatening male, presumably the “agent”, who tries to intimidate him into parting with more cash.Millions have been lost thanks to these We Chat scams.For some reason, We Chat has also become a hotbed of escorts looking for their next customer.


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