pros of dating a white guy - Dating european men over american men

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Just because I am tired of a negative social trend does not mean that I want to take part in this.

I am talking about an organization of men and women who come together seeking one goal. French and Italian women are wonderful too, but I don't get along with too many men in those countries.

The Divorce and Child custody laws here in the States are extremely bias, and so is the attitude of the women regarding them. Guys, with all these things in mind, would you rather meet a European Women over an American?

If there was an organization providing a system where you could meet college educated, sincere European Women would you take part in it for a small fee? I knew the first response from many would be regarding mail order brides. It is for greedy American men who want a trophy wife, and gold digging green card seeking European women.

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At 26, about to graduate from a major University with a B.

S in Computer Science, good looking, nice and caring, yet I still have problems finding a Women for a serious relationship here in the States.

This is something my European friends said would never happen there. At first I thought the sparks that constantly flew between me and European women were just due to the travel experience.

Then I came to notice that even when I met students studying overseas from Europe that the spark was still there.

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