Dating customs finland

Sami has also been worried about the increasing number of arrests and discharges, as well as the discussion around restoring death penalty in Turkey.

Complaining about Finnish politics seems trivial compared to the situation in Turkey.

Related to his nickname “Shark”, his home country was also jokingly referred to as “Sharkland” among his friends.

Sami’s mother had knitted Başak wool socks with patterns of aurora borealis on them.

The relationship was characterized by uncertainty, but neither of them wanted to quit.

At home, they speak Finnish and occasionally also English.

Başak has a fierce and fiery Turkish temperament, and sometimes she cannot understand Sami’s calmness.

In Finland, everything else happens in an unhurried pace as well, from busses to queues at the local market.

On her part, Başak has given Sami the courage to act how he wants, despite other people’s opinions.

Now, they have spent nearly five years in a Finnish apartment building with two turtles, and they have been married for almost four years.

Başak studied Russian at the university and was blessed with excellent language skills, which is why she learned Finnish astonishingly fast.

Sometimes she also accidentally comes up with new words that sound like Finnish. Sami, who works as a culture producer, cooks Turkish food better than he speaks the language, even though he has taken one course in Turkish.

Güzel kahverengi gözler, beautiful brown eyes, were some of Sami’s first words in Turkish.

An Iraqi last name appeared on Satu’s letterbox this autumn.

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