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Adi thinks there are plenty of things that are awesome, such as gravy and cheese on fries, motorcycles that growl, oh, and the fact that she is a wicked dragon with a freakishly cool power. A certain geeky fellow in charge of the IT department for a medical lab situated in small-town hell. He might blush at certain things, and use his brain—not brawn—to succeed, but the man is built big. The fact that she likes him won’t mean squat to her mother, though. Roxanne knows where she’d like to shove Cupid’s arrow.

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She starts a smear campaign against her surprise, she can't find anyone else w FIrst off - this book is a total cheeze-fest. Roxanne Fortuna is tired of the loser boyfriends that her dating service keeps hooking her up with.

The dating service in question is named CDS - Cupid's Dating Service.

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More Roxanne knows where she’d like to shove Cupid’s arrow.

Maverick Eros is more than the CEO of CDS, he’s Cupid himself.

cheeze Both are Gods - but neither realizes it about the other one. Maverick/Cupid was once married to Psyche (HE was under a love spell that eventually got broken when she bore a child that was NOT his) and he has no desire to be in love or married again.

Although both try to deny it, they are in lust with each other.

Yes there is one school of thought that he was the child of Aphrodite and Ares, but that is a more obscure argu It was alright. Sorry, the Greek pantheon was always quite special to me, so much so that my very first internet identity was 'Psyche's Song'.


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