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But instead of letting this romantic misfortune bring her down, Maria decided to pay him back – with four jars full of pennies and one last note.“Here’s every cent of your . And like all teenage love stories, this one also ends in a positive way: Maria is going to the prom with one of her friends.

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At any given moment you’re being pulled in six different directions. Unless you’re using them solely as a means of comedic distraction or to avoid drunkenly text messaging your ex 17 times a night, then Tinder is only going to make you feel more hopeless about the human species than you already do.

But when quotes like, “God is closest to broken hearts” and, “In the arithmetic of love, one plus one equals everything, and two minus one equals nothing” actually start to resonate with you, you're about one viewing of the Notebook away from falling into a pit of absolute self-pity and despair.

And hey, it may even feel like it’s working for a half-second (or more likely, around 7 minutes).

But things always look different in the harsh light of the morning after, including that beer gut you mistook for a 6-pack.99% of the time the post-breakup one-night-stand makes us feel more powerless than powerful, so stick to high-fiving people the adult way… The wheat in your beer and grapes in your wine doesn’t count. No one is going to want to date the human equivalent of a tumbleweed - so light and weak you can blow away in the wind at any given moment.

Instagram creeping post break-up is enough to make even the most emotionally stable of humans burst into a 10-minute soliloquy of, "Where was that photo taken and who took it and why do they look so happy and who are all these people liking it and WHO IS THAT BLONDE IN THE BACKGROUND?!?

"So do yourself a favor and lay off the Instagram crack before you go all One Flew Over the Cuckoo's Nest over a kissy faced emoji directed at someone new. No level of emotional turmoil is going to come from putting your mouth on another person’s mouth, so go forth and kiss everything you spicy little minxes.If the point is to look good and feel great then please, treadmill away my friend.But when you find yourself eating a spoonful of peanut butter then running 16K in the Toronto humidity, there’s going to be some major issues of the low blood sugar variety. Rebuild yourself; don’t waste away into gluten-free, Lu Lu lemon oblivion.And once you know that, you're just one sweaty, 2am, hands-in-the-air freedom dance-off away from finding true happiness again.Breakups have always been bad, but social media makes them SO much worse. So when on the emotional roller coaster of the immediate post-dump, try to curb the instinct to bonfire everything and do the emotionally stable thing: put everything in a giant box marked “PURE EVIL” and shove it to the darkest corner of your closet. It’s true that when dumped, you end up in this little self-involved cave of emotion that you can’t imagine anyone else being in or dealing with, so you go searching for words or poems or song lyrics that make you feel like you’re not alone in your sorrow.


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  3. While we all want to present the best version of ourselves, dressing in a way that feels unnatural is guaranteed to make you feel uncomfortable and is likely to put a damper on your date.

  4. The opportunity to meet a complete stranger that can alter your life for the better within just a few mouse clicks is our pride and joy.

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  6. "It lets them know that dating multiple people isn't a bad thing or makes you a bad person," she adds.

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