Dating a girl who already has a boyfriend Free anything goes chat rooms

And we should view anything less as simply unacceptable. This one simple fix can drastically improve the quality of your first impressions so people are eager and excited to see you again.

Even some of the best dating coaches in the world, guys I (mistakenly) used to look up to, will go out of their way to hunt down and destroy a relationship when they know a girl has a boyfriend. It’s one thing if the girl doesn’t tell you she’s dating anyone (that can’t be helped), but some guys will go for a girl when they know she has a boyfriend she lives with, or even a husband!

The right answer when a girl has a boyfriend is to stop pursuing her sexually.

If you’re getting high off feeling superior to guys your cuckolding, you’re missing the point of learning to be charismatic.

And if you’re living in a world where there is only one girl you’re focused on and you’re willing to hurt people to get her, you’ve missed the boat. After all, if you say no, she’ll just cheat with someone else, right? Believing that a girl who gets with you would be willing to get with any average dude is an incredibly low self-esteem belief.

This shows her that you are used to how hot women act , that this isn’t your first rodeo, and that you’re not intimidated.

If she actually has a boyfriend, she’ll bring him up again. [Continue conversation] Wait for her to laugh or playfully hit your arm or whatever and then carry on with a new thread.

If she mentions her boyfriend more than once, or if she brings him up directly (e.g., “Stop trying to kiss me. However, if you're not sure if she actually has a boyfriend, do NOT start trying to figure out if she really has a boyfriend or not. And if you show that you’re still hung up on this boyfriend thing, she’ll lose attraction. If you want to go for a girl with a boyfriend, that’s up to you.

I have a boyfriend.”), then you’ve got to acknowledge it. Don’t worry – eventually her status will become obvious. I know I’m going to get some hate mail for this, but it’s a fact of life and female psychology that most attractive women nearly always have at least one man playing a boyfriend-type role in her life at any given time. In other words – if she says she has a boyfriend, it doesn’t matter if it’s true or not.

There are all kinds of ways to do this, but I prefer a line I learned from Future Thompson, a top Love Systems Master Instructor: Woman: I have a boyfriend Future: That’s cool. There's no need for a boyfriend destroyer, just slow it down, let her get more attracted to you, and proceed as normal.

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