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A fellow colleague couldn't believe our boss' wife's behaviour.

But when asked what if his wife had done extractly what our boss and his OW had done, what would you do, he said he would kill her (I don't think he really meant it), but you get the general idea.

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Date dating divorced dream female gloucester male partner single

He does not see himself as being unfaithful as he is being faithful to himself and she is the true love he has been waiting for all his life.

Pity he did not tell me this 16 years ago when we got together.

Is it about villifying us to make themselves feel justified? Kids come first after divorce but really men should have a heart for us. I think they are just better at switching off emotions - maybe because otherwise they'd feel guilty. But he came round today to see the boys who were still asleep.

So he burbled on about his life and his gf and her children etc. About 2 months ago my ex and I were arguing and he actually said that not once in the 15mths since we seperated had he given one single thought as to how I had been coping or feeling about the situation.

We're the person they loved for....years, in my case 20?

I know they compartmentalise but is a bit of empathy beyond them?

Give them a break..just dont know HOW to be like YOU!

Totally fed up with being treated so coldly now, it may be a copinng mechanism but it's just so selfish, I'd be a happier person if my ex was kinder (and I do have my own life even after just three months! I was with my ex for seven and half years then one day i found out he was having an affair with the local bike her reputation was appaling i told him to choose between me and his child or her and he left to live with her!

To be honest his attempts at self justification are so pathetic they have given me the first laugh I have had in a long time.

When I pointed out he was being led by his male parts and as this is her third affair with other men since she got married she clearly has a problem with her knicker elastic, ie she has no knicker elastic as they seem to fall down very easily.

I remember when he left his words were 'its time for me now'. I havent read every one of these posts in detail but i get the general overtone!


  1. Sometimes when there are guys around, you don't know how to act or react.

  2. It may be termed intimate partner violence when committed by a spouse or partner in an intimate relationship against the other spouse or partner, and can take place in heterosexual or same-sex relationships, or between former spouses or partners.

  3. But be careful who you speak with and listen closely to what they say.

  4. Furthermore, many of that same set will have sex without money with any half-decent looking white guy that comes along. He is twice her age and I am sure he paid more than when I was offered.

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  6. “Guys found it to be ‘desperate,’ when it wasn’t desperate, it was part of a broken system.” Like many startup founders, Wolfe has big ambitions for the service: “It’s not a dating app, it’s a movement,” she says.

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