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Remember that God is love and sometimes God allows things to happen to us so that we may find salvation.

Jesus is coming soon therefore hurry before time runs out. When I call out the name if Jesus in my dreams..."JESUS CHRIST" with all my heart, knowing that I have absolutely no other choice but to call His name, demons fled the nanosecond I call out Jesus' name.

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I snaped out of my nightmare my wife had her hand on my chest and i was crying tears running and my heart was racing like i was running.

Later that week i gave my live to JESUS, its been about 10 years and to this day demons still try to enter my dreams but i have the power and the blood of JESUS to fight them off.

Jesus has made a way out for us and given us authority over them therefore we become their eternal trophies when they take us to Hell. Read the bible daily, pray daily and look up online on deliverance ministries and how to be delievered.

You are not alone, many of us suffer of demonic oppression but Christ came to set us free.

Serious requests for help only: Dea [email protected] friend is having terrible dreams about a girl called malisa. I am serious, with your whole heart just ask Him and He will answer!

She says that Malisa is in the basment and she is at the top of the stears and stops at the last step. I` v been rased in a cristan home but never believed in JESUS or the devil untill a giant deformed reptile tryed to carry me out ofmy room in my dreams.

But sometimes i wont even walk outside in the dark i have to have someone beside me for a couple of days so i can get over the fear of my dreams.

Because i think that it could happen because they seem like they're happening in real life as i have them...

I could still remember how it looked big horns that shiled its face,it was taller than my ceiling it had to crouch down its knees bent over its head it had long neals like 10 or 12" long.

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