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All Christians interested in this topic need to fully understand the significance of this number.

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This is the fourth in a series of blog articles that deal with the age of the Earth from a Christian perspective.

I am a Christian geologist who has been working in this field of science for 38 years.

From an age-dating perspective the oldest living trees on Earth are the bristlecone pines in Nevada, which take us back about 4800 years (there are some other candidate being touted as older but I have not seen the substantiation for them).

While this is certainly impressive it does not take us back in time as far as we would like to go.

When this preservation works, it usually works quite well, serving to preserve many trees in a given area, providing the basis for crosschecking results.

Such age-dating has been done with great confidence and repeatability back to 10,800 years in oak and pine tree in Poland [1], back to 8,900 years in the bristlecone pines in Nevada [2], and back to 7,300 years in the oak trees of Ireland.

In a different but somewhat similar line of evidence, age dating has been done on glacial ice in a number of places.

This operates basically the same way as tree rings with summer and winter creating distinctive banding.

The method does not rely solely on interpretation by the human eye (although even this is pretty good) but is now done by computer imaging.


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