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Client applications can discover items with enclosures by enumerating the Items collection of the Feed object, and looking for those with a valid Enclosure property.

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How will the subscriber know when the publisher stops updating a feed?

More importantly, will the browser continue to synchronize a feed that is no longer actively being updated?

To force a synchronization of all feeds, regardless of Last Download Time and Ttl, use Async Sync All.

The Windows RSS Platform is not actively aware of available network bandwidth as, for example, BITS is.

Because this method requires specific configuration of the Web server, it is not recommended for the hobbyist publisher.

The Windows RSS Platform also supports the channel element In the preceding example, the Sync Setting property is changed from 0 to 2 after the call to Download. Feed enclosures can also be downloaded automatically when the feed is synchronized.

This interval is for stability purposes only; the task is always recreated after it has completed successfully.

For example, if the launches, it queues up the "pending" feeds for which Last Download Time is zero, or for which the synchronization interval has lapsed.

The platform starts with 2 tokens in its bucket and adds 1 token every second. If no token is available, the thread waits for one to become available.

Using this method, the platform issues about 1 request per second, up to four at a time.

If a subscription is found, Internet Explorer renders the page based on the cached contents.

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