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The firm wished to have a tool for use in managing personnel development.

The positions of project and program manager have received more recognition, but a clear project management methodology is not yet in placed.

In 1999, the time the model was developed, the creation of a Project Management Office was being considered.

The firm has over 100 people in project and program management positions.

The personnel are organized in a four-level hierarchy: Program Director, Program Manager, Project Manager, and Project Administrator.

Building, validating, and implementing a PM competency model: the experience of one aerospace company.

The strategy of building, in-house, a model based on a pre-existing framework proved to be a feasible and economical approach. This paper describes and discusses the building of a Project Management Competency Model for use by a prominent aerospace company.

For this part of the model building process, a team of project management personnel was assembled that would participate in the many workshops that would be required.

This competency identification and validation team was composed of the two senior PM's from the in-house supervisory team, four other senior PM's, two junior PM's and four Project Administrators.

As the company has grown and the market has become more competitive, the ability, or inability, to deliver complex projects on time and on budget, and to meet stakeholder expectations, has become critical.


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