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Where once Dennis had no other aim than to spread chaos and mayhem, the 2017 version is all about ‘inclusivity’, say producers of the new CBBC show.Mike Stirling, the editorial director of makers Beano Studios, said: ‘We want to be as inclusive as possible.Assistant Head at the Yorkshire St Anne's Christine Lee said: 'We arrived a school in the morning and the lions were already there waiting outside at 8am.'They asked if this was St Anne's and we said that it was but we weren't expecting them.

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In the history of the comic, inclusiveness was not 100 per cent there, but I think it’s certainly something we’ve been conscious of in terms of introducing new characters.

We’re really representing what we see in schools in Britain.’In the new animation, Dennis forms a garage band with old pal Pie-Face, Rubi, a gadget-loving girl in a wheelchair – the first time a disabled character has appeared in Beanotown – and a new black character, a feisty girl called JJ.

He is also known simply as Walter and been made tougher so that he is not perceived as a victim of bullying.

Stirling says he was ‘uncomfortable’ with the old Walter and has now made him ‘a more worthy foe’.

The members are from Kwa Zulu-Natal province, and three of them were on their first ever trip abroad from their village.

, download the common English mistakes file here for use in class: I have added explanations to most of the mistakes. ), deep within Cheyenne Mountain, Colorado, and at Site R, the Pentagon’s alternate command post center hidden inside Raven Rock Mountain, Pennsylvania, issued an urgent warning: the Soviet Union had just launched a nuclear attack on the United States. Air Force ballistic-missile crews removed their launch keys from the safes, bomber crews ran to their planes, fighter planes took off to search the skies, and the Federal Aviation Administration prepared to order every airborne commercial airliner to land.The Soviets had recently invaded Afghanistan, and the animosity between the two superpowers was greater than at any other time since the Cuban Missile Crisis. President Jimmy Carter’s national-security adviser, Zbigniew Brzezinski, was asleep in Washington, D. His military aide, General William Odom, was calling to inform him that two hundred and twenty missiles launched from Soviet submarines were heading toward the United States.Dennis’s perennial victim, Walter the Softy, has also been smartened up.Now he bears a rather uncanny resemblance to Conservative MP Jacob Rees-Mogg and is described as ‘grown-up before his time’.Despite the blunder, the dance troupe put on an impromptu performance to 140 children, aged three to 19, at St Anne's School and Sixth Form College.

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