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A separate analysis by Oxford University found that 179 accounts believed to be bots pumped out 21,661 tweets about Labour during a week in the election.

Meanwhile, 182 fake Tory accounts pumped out just 13,000 tweets over the same time period.

In some cases they posted fake news – for example claims that Mrs Clinton was about to go to jail, or already in prison.

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But they are highly controversial amid claims they have been weaponised by political campaigns.

During the 2016 US presidential election, pro Donald Trump bots bombarded the Twittersphere with millions of tweets attacking Hillary Clinton.

The research does not show whether the tweets were promoting or criticising a party or candidate in particular.

Monica Kaminska, co-author of the Oxford University study, told the newspaper: 'It is worrying because it has the potential to distort the conversation, it's megaphoning marginal viewpoints, and because young people are turning towards social media as their primary news source.' The bots work by re-tweeting and spreading existing posts so they are more likely to come up in searches.

Experts say bots can polarise debate by amplifying fringe opinions.

Analysis by the newspaper found that a series of Twitter accounts are retweeting or liking scores of tweets By Mr Corbyn and his shadow cabinet team every day.The newspaper identified one account using the Twitter name @Jimmymo82550950.In just nine days after it was set up last month it retweeted more than 5,000 posts and liked over 4,000 - including dozens by Mr Corbyn's official account.Negobot’s goal is to collect the information that can help to determine if a subject involved in a conversation has paedophile tendencies, all the while maintaining a convincing, kid-like prattle, sprinkled with slang and misspellings, so the subject doesn’t get suspicious.Negobot keeps track of its conversations with all users, both for future references and to keep a record that could be sent to the authorities if, in fact, the subject is determined to be a paedophile. The bot gives off only brief, trivial information, including name, age, gender and hometown.Its researchers admit that Negobot has limitations – it doesn’t, for example, understand irony.

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