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"If you're not in, you can't win," he said, grinning. Anyone who talks in inane platitudes is seriously lacking in conversation skills. ' Thinking it must get lonely down there on the farm for these poor guys, I tried to envisage a future that involved going to Macra dances and helping to bring in the hay. Apart from sons of the soil, I spoke to several men who were fed up with the pub scene. Try chatting up a woman in a pub and chances are she'll report you to the Equality Authority for harassment, one guy said to me. Which is why speed-dating , the personal ads and internet chat rooms are increasingly the way to go if you're looking for a relationship. There are 8 women to each available man here in Dub. It is only recently becoming obvious to us the success we have had since September and we really need to do some research to find out the real extent.

I met several farmers and had bizarre conversations about dry stock. She didn't have to be beautiful, witty or enchanting. But , then, this rather good-looking, non-national man sat down at my table and I perked up. After a bit of probing I established he was a doctor and the snob in me became more interested. Surely you can see that men are just simple creatures" he said. This guy had sussed out the whole men/women scenario and he was right. But then women have their needs too, even if we're not simple! Maybe some Leinster ladies will balance d numbers in Munster 4 u? The following are a number of examples with names changed. Because of other commitments we took a break from the speeddating a year and a half ago and it feels as if we never took a break.

Please use the form below to provide us with your thoughts, whether negative or positive. Long may it last and good luck to you both)(Latest update 19th Oct'11. I enquired as to John's whereabouts and I was told that he was on holiday out foreign with his girlfriend who he met at one of our events.

Alie still managed a few matches after only 30 minutes. So I'd be delighted to go speed dating again with your company.

Thanks again good luck & looking forward to hearing from you.

Crosshaven in County Cork is the setting for the seventh annual Irish Redhead Convention.

Advertised as a 'fun filled weekend of freckles and frolics', the event includes ginger speed dating and a carrot tossing championship.

Then there was the guy who looked a little like Bill Clinton- minus the charisma. We thought we would attract at least 100 people and possibly the max of 180. Not enough people expressed an interest in the party but most just wanted speeddating.

He turned out to be an old hand at singles' events and had recently been to a singles weekend up the country. They cant believe there are more men than women outside Pale. At our over 50's event on Sunday 9th Oct we met a gent who told us that his daughter met her husband at one of our events in the Ambassador a few years ago and they are very happy with a new baby since. So we thought we would combine both and have optional speeddating for all age groups before the music & dance etc. Anyway the long & short of it all was we didn't get the speeddating right or the party right. However I think everyone enjoyed the bit of Ceili dancing with the Falla Luimni etc.

We at Velo Promotions are very keen to know what you thought of your Speed Dating experience.

Should you have any thoughts or suggestions, we would love to know. Tanx for text but I'm happily dating a guy I met at d 20s & 30s event that you held on the 1st March'09 in the Ambassador Hotel. Niamh (20/30s Event 1st March '09)(One person didn't tick the other after the event but they met by accident in Reardons during the week, struck up a conversation & seem to be very happy since. At our 40/50's event 0n the 13/4/08 we met Martin who is a regular with his friend John.

An Irish village was turned into a sea of red this weekend as more than 1,000 people arrived for a festival to celebrate their ginger hair.

Anna Lydon, 4, tried on the crown of last year's Queen of the Redheads, Grainne Keena The festival began as a joke between two siblings, but has turned into a major event run by 50 volunteers.

Wherever possible we will use your suggestions to improve your speed dating experience. Niamh's dad was urged to attend one of our over 50's events at the Hub. we met at the Tower on Thursday 28th 20/30 night in Tower Hotel. (Joe & Fiona) They came along to support Joe's sister Margaret who was attending that night. At last Sundays event 27/4/08 for 30s & 40s in Cork we got wind of our first official engagement.


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