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SS: Well, there's a sense that that kind of sloganeering, people are sort of dead to it now.It doesn't resonate in the same way, it's not the same "call to arms".

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His social graces echo that of a Victorian gentleman.

He stands when people arrive and leave, looks you in the eye, inquires as to how you are, gives you his full respect and attention.

It's this last juxtaposition that perhaps underscores what's so special about his band; they're one of the few acts to nail the kind of social satire mixed with a highly marketable image (at least in the UK) that is normally the domain of cartoons like the Simpsons.

Whether it's been showing up at the Glastonbury festival in a tank(!

There's a sense that it should be casual dialogue amongst people (when discussing politics now). GR: Yeah, and I suppose there's less, people are less ideological than they used to be. So in that sense, maybe in the 1980s, you had bands that rigorously followed Marxist doctrines... GR: ...something which would be really difficult to apply today.

SS: Do you think it's good that it's become a little more personal?'Cause he was making all this music, and he put out some 12"s which we're like minimal techno, kind of newer dance floor things, but he was making all this other stuff and he's very much a perfectionist, so he wasn't releasing it even, but he was giving it to friends. I think the last song on the record is lyrics, and you can see how he's changed his position.So, when he brings things to the band now, he's often reluctant to play them from the computer, but he'll try and get us to play his tunes live. You've reached the point where you guys are recognized as having varied tastes.What you're saying about electronic music being an individual pursuit, there's that sense of rigidity. We're still trying to learn that, and I think energetic music, if it sounds energetic then you can get away with it. GR: Whereas on this tour we've got rid of all the video and we've still got a computer on stage which we're using on some songs, but it seems a bit more energetic.SS: There's a sense to me that on the layers are still there, it's just a little more purely integrated.You sit at your computer or sampler and sometimes it's more of an individual kind of thing. I mean, when we take it to extremes, it's usually more convincing then.


  1. When Spratt’s computers were analysed, police found he had been in contact with numerous teenagers.

  2. If she were, she would have taken you up on your suggestion to meet or hinted that she wished to take things offline.

  3. Gold ornaments, ivories, coins, glass pitchers and containers, and a mosaic panel are among the ancient materials that speak to a long history of cultural interaction, trade, influence, and migration under the rule of multiple empires.

  4. By the time I met Pete, I already knew we had a lot in common - 83% to be precise!

  5. — the ultimate poster boy for Spring: bright-eyed, fresh-faced and with a smile so sweetly accessible, a young man on the cusp of bloom standing tall and pure amid the orgiastic freakscape of dancing plassstic Johnny-botsss .

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