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The warranty provides 25 years of coverage with power at 80 percent.

The Canadian Solar CS6X-305M solar panels are well made and substantial, able to handle a maximum load of something such as snow up to a maximum of 113 pounds per square foot.

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These panels also stand up well in extreme heat with their ability to endure temperatures up to 185 degrees F.

The cover materials are made of tempered glass and the frame of anodized aluminum. That means in most cases, with a roof that has a decent angle, they can simply be left alone once they are installed and the rain will wash away dust and dirt.

These panels are certainly worth checking out if you want a money-saving and well-made solar panel system for your home.

An Ottawa River breeze is chilling the air outside Rideau Hall, the grand stone building used for Canadian occasions of state, but on this festive November morning, nobody seems to mind.

He led his center-left Liberal Party to a dramatic upset victory over both the far-left New Democratic Party and the ruling Conservatives, headed by the divisive and hard-line Stephen Harper.

Unlike his predecessor, Trudeau celebrates openness and transparency—he plunges into crowds, cheerfully poses for selfies (even at G20 meetings), and shocks some with his public displays of affection toward his wife, Sophie Grégoire-Trudeau.

“Two years ago, Trudeau was viewed as a lightweight,” says Andrew Coyne, the sharp political columnist from Toronto’s Yet like so many successful politicians, Trudeau has thrived on being what George W.

Bush memorably termed “misunderestimated.” Even as attack ads mocked his callowness—“Justin Trudeau: Just Not Ready”—his upbeat campaign proved him ready enough to win.

However, the company suggests in its installation manual that it is a good idea to use water and something that will not scratch the glass surface, such as a sponge, to clean the panels if a significant amount of material builds up on the panels.


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