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  1. They didn’t even email me to let me know, I only know this because some weirdo messaged me asking if I was a fake profile. Not everyone you encounter have the best intentions.

  2. ‘It is really important that the safer sex message stays strong, and that people know how to protect themselves and their partners.

  3. In most cases, those things aren’t likely to be a problem, since Apple has been careful to keep everything important hidden.

  4. This knowledge allows biologists to address questions concerning the ancestry and emergence of a lineage, its relationship to and coincidence with specific biological and geological events, the speed with which particular taxonomic groups have diversified, and the rates of molecular and phenotypic evolution []; but for the vast majority of life forms, the fossil record is either incomplete or entirely lacking, and insights into timing of evolutionary events must rely on other indirect methods. Despite being the most ancient, abundant and diverse group of organisms on the planet, bacteria have virtually no fossil record due both to their size and to the lack of fossilizable components.

  5. The trick is understanding how to make height less of an issue.

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