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Two young couples take one last trip to the country before moving to different cities.

Tommy works at a coffee shop, and finds a doll in a dumpster one day, which he brings home to Lily.

At first, Lily thinks that Sarah has done something to the doll to mess with her.

Scrawled in lipstick on a nearby mirror are the words "You made me do this." One year later, the most exclusive and cruel sorority on campus, headed by Stephanie (Holly Madison), is in the final days of rush.

For their final task, the three remaining pledges are required to tell the scariest story they know.

Mildred Williams (1949-1959) Hefner met Mildred Williams in college and they got married in 1949. Williams had revealed that she had an affair while Hefner was serving in the army.

He's said: “That was the most devastating moment in my life." According to Hefner, his wife would let him sleep with other women to make up for her infidelity. Various women -- and men Being, well, a playboy, Hef's love life can't simply be summed up with a list of "relationships" because he had numerous trysts that weren't so structured, with both women and men, including "maybe eleven out of twelve months' worth of Playmates" for a number of years after his divorce from Mildred.

The girls think that the story is good and take a shot.

The second story, told by Phoebe (Stephanie Sanborn), is about a former A-list actress, Eva De Marco (Bridget Marquardt), who wants to be back on top.

Eva is drugged and has a dream where she's in a jail cell and killed by an angel with black wings (Christine Nguyen).

When she wakes up, she goes to a dinner party for the shoot of the movie, where she discovers that all of the crew members are dead, and that they make snuff films.

I'm also a huge fan of "The Girls Next Door"and that's another reason why I picked this movie up.

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